Darlins of the Desert Vintage Market Annual Event  


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sponsored by Soul of the West Bootique

Located at: Court St. and Central Ave. (Hwy 54) Carrizozo, New Mexico

Show time: 9am-5pm Vendor set up: 7am. Late arrivals will interrupt other vendors. All delivery vehicles need to be off site by 8:30 am. * No security provided for set up the night before.

Cut and mail with vendor fee : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photos may be emailed to: [email protected]

Your Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Vendor Name as it will appear in advertising:____________________________________________




Primary phone:_________________________ Secondary phone: _______________________

Please describe the items you would like to sell: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please tell us about your selling experience: ______________________________________________

How did you hear about us? Other Comments:___________________________________________

Signature:______________________ Date: __________________Amount Enclosed:____________

                                                                                                  Important Information:

  1. Vintage = 30 years and older
  2. Antique = 50 years and older
  3. Upcycled/Recycled = older items used to make new ones
  4. Original Artwork
  5. Items sold must be unique, esoteric, wacky, fun, high-quality, clean and not mass produced. The last three are non-negotiable.

    It is important that shoppers to be "wowed" when they come to our show! Your booth should be an exciting, boutique-style shopping experience. Goods should be tastefully displayed and not just laid out on a folding table! Presentation and style is very important. Our previous 2 events were very successful with many vendors returning. You will need to bring 2 copies of your Sales Tax Permit, one for our show records and one to display in your booth. Collecting/reporting sales tax is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

    We love pictures, please e-mail us at least six images that provide a great representation of your items and at least one image of how you have displayed your items at other venues or how you plan to display them at Darlins of the Desert. Photos may be emailed to: [email protected]

    You are welcome to share spaces, but photos from each participant are required. Please submit your photos as soon as possible, so that we may finalize our map and advertising and updating darlinsofthedesert.com website.

    Our parking area and street are asphalt, so those of you setting up canopies ( though not required they do provide shade and continuity) will probably need to anchor them. There are sand bag type canvas bags that you can wrap around the legs and secure to bottom with a big U clip and they also Velcro around the legs. They weigh about 40lbs a piece and keep canopies in place very well on asphalt. Cabela's Commercial-Grade Canopy Weight Bags. Great investment for anyone doing outdoor shows.

    Coffee and sweets provided for dealers during set-up!

    Space Rental 10’x10’ $75.00 (this includes event insurance)

    Please mail payment to: Gwendolyn Rogers, P.O. Box 684 Carrizozo, NM 88301

    Make checks payable to: Gwendolyn Rogers. Please submit application and payment by July 15. NO REFUNDS. This is a rain or shine event.

    Gwendolyn Contact: [email protected]; phone: 575 648-5419 or 575 937-6555, be sure to leave a voice mail!